We are helping our customers efficiently manage the operation of their remote assets in critical infrastructure. Our solution allows processes to be controlled at widely separated field sites, optimizing data transfer across remote communication networks. Centralized data from remote systems is transformed into business-relevant information for operational management, regulatory reporting and optimizing costs. We provide a complete offer of smart and integrated telemetry solutions and services.


Telemetry & Remote SCADA solutions offer integrated, rugged and reliable products to manage entire critical infrastructure systems: based on industry accepted international open standards in all solution areas from field to enterprise, products can be used together in system solutions or in combination with 3rd party products and systems,Centrally managed configuration for remote site, ClearSCADA integration with EcoStruxure Web Services providing asset performance information for optimizing energy costs,Optimized for the dynamic business environments: online system modification and expansion, object oriented configuration management, Designed for energy efficiency and environmentally harsh conditions, Scalable solutions: cost-effective for small systems through to enterprise-wide systems,Security designed in at all levels from field to enterprise,Innovative solutions for remote network communication using Trio data radios, Offering RTU  and PLC solutions for telemetry & remote SCADA, 












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