Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) are an important part of the Burhanomatic business. Companies that are manufacturing or re branding machinery and equipment for end users are major users of Burhanomatic services. In all cases the Burhanomatic team has the answers.

Burhanomatic provides the following OEM services and solutions

indent Burhanomatic provides control systems engineering services on a wide range of PLC and SCADA technologies.
indent Burhanomatic works closely with machine builders, to advise and implement Industrial Automation solutions using PLC’s 
    and SCADA to collect machine control parameters translating them in the automation software to interface with other 
    machines or equipment which may be remote to the control room. This information can be made available to 
indent Burhanomatic provides the same kind of services and solutions for machine refurbishment customers involved in the 
    relocation of machines to other continents with varying conditions requiring optimization by modifying the existing 
    Industrial Automation software and equipment.

Burhanomatic provides these services to machine manufacturers, equipment suppliers and to various production plants.

Burhanomatic offers a unique opportunity to increase the efficiency and control of your machinery and equipment. Burhanomatic solutions help you attain higher levels of automation, increased flexibility and scalability while minimizing costs.












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Phone:- +971529808215 
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