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Successful use

Our products prove themselves daily, particularly in the following areas:

Control cabinet
From the terminal block to the controller, you can look forward to a comprehensive range of components and systems.

Field installation
Innovative I/O wiring systems and industrial connectors ensure efficient power and data transmission.

Device and connection technology
Whether PCB connection or electronics housing: you'll find your individual solution.

Systems and solutions
Our products are based on a systemic approach and can be combined in a variety of ways. You can therefore put together a customized package to suit your particular tasks.

Versatile products

With over 60,000 products, we have a diverse portfolio. Our products are the result of decades of intensive development and consistent customer focus.

List of Products:

  • Cables and lines
  • Charging technology for electromobility
  • Connectors
  • Controllers
  • Electronic switchgear and motor control
  • Electronics housings
  • Functional safety
  • HMIs and industrial PCs
  • Industrial cloud computing
  • Industrial communication technology
  • Installation and mounting material
  • I/O systems
  • Lighting and signaling
  • Marking and labeling
  • Measurement and control technology
    •     Monitoring
    •     PCB terminal blocks and PCB connectors
    •     Power supplies and UPS
    •     Protective devices
    •     Relay modules
    •     Sensor/actuator cabling
    •     Software
    •     Surge protection and interference filters
    •     System cabling for controllers
    •     Terminal blocks
    •     Tools













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