Industrial Automation

Burhanomatic believes in the power of industry 4.0, and we are uniquely capable in helping to fuel its success. Here at Burhanomatic, we emphasize on providing top-notch service to our customers in the industrial automation industry while understanding their requirements for swift response, fast delivery and best pricing.

We offer complete solutions and services including repair, modification and complete revamp of existing as well as new production lines including standalone machines.

Our experts in the field of B.M.S, Metering, PLC, SCADA and Analyzers, will provide information and guidance on all your product related queries.

With our inventory of all kinds of spare parts from leading electrical, automation and instrumentation suppliers, we are equipped to supply the best of products with excellent quality for all your requirements.

Our passion towards service has lead us one step ahead in serving our clients. We undertake consignment stock and serve our customers with short term and long-term service contracts.

In co-operation with leading Industry partners, BurhAnomatic has developed various metering and automation solution that are at par with International standards.

We support our customers with energy saving audits and can recommend various energy saving methods including guarantees. We support our Clients with training programme for our supplied products and solutions.

We give special basic training of PLC to customer which includes Introduction to PLC, Basic function of PLC, Ladder programming, Wiring of PLC and it includes mostly all aspects related to PLC.












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