Home Automation

Knx  Lightning  System  Integrator


BURH  ANOMATIC  for Villa ’s and Building. 


1)  Programmable  Lighting  control  system  for Intelligent, Switching,  Dimming, and  Scenes  using  programmable, Low      Voltage  Switches,  Sensors,  Touch  Panel  etc


2) External Lighting control using Intelligent

    Brightness Sensor


3) Blinds and Curtain controls based on actual Brightness, Switches, Timer, Touch Panel and remote controls.


4) Complete HVAC control using Intelligent Thermostats.


5) Security System using Motion Sensor for Intrusion  Alarm, Glass  Break  Sensors, Door and window contacts IP cameras etc.


6) Door Intercom system with Audio or Video entry type.


7) IP based control using Internet/ iPhone/ Ipad.


8) Remote Monitoring.


9) Pumps Control i.e.  Booster Pump, Irrigation Pump, Pool Pumps.


10) Control of Water Heater.


11) Water tanks monitoring and control.












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