Perfectly Warm Floor Heat

Systems by Calorique provide luxurious, affordable comfort for all floor types. By gently warming the floor surface to just a few degrees above room temperature, the floor, people, and room contents absorb a natural form of comfortable heat. Perfectly Warm Heat systems are so fast and simple to install, you can have the complete system and floor covering installed on the same day. Simply lay the mats onto the floor and connect to the thermostat. That’s it. You can then lay your floor covering right on top of the Perfectly Warm Floor Heat products. Plus, unlike wire mats, Perfectly Warm has an ultra-thin profile so you don’t have to worry about self-leveling products or floor build up. Fast, simple comfort. 


Flexwatt Reptile Heat Tape

Flexwatt Reptile Heat Tape by Calorique will enable you to maintain the ideal temperature to keep your pet healthy, comfortable, and active. Flexwatt Reptile Heat Tape simulates a naturally occurring sun warmed basking site that your reptile will benefit from. Our advanced Flexwatt Reptile Heat Tape allows for evenly distributed belly heat which in turn allows your herps to properly thermo-regulate.  Flexwatt Reptile Heat Tape is the only heat tape available with a flame retardant coating which can be identified by its yellow backing. With 30 years of experience and a complete 5-year warranty, Calorique offers state of the art technology with every pet warming system. 


Agricultural Heating




Professional gardeners and greenhouse operators know that plants grow faster and healthier when their roots are warm. Calorique Kwik Grow provides faster seed start dates during seed germination and also helps extend the growing season for mature plants. When you want to keep your plants warm and healthy, Calorique’s ‘KwikGrow’ is one of the most efficient root zone heating solutions available. Calorique’s plant heat elements provide optimal levels of heat for any plant bed in addition to supporting seed germination and extension of the growing season.

Exterior Deicing


Calorique’s Perfectly Clear Deicing Systems are the most advanced ice and snow prevention products on the market today ! Our products are superior and certified for quality, performance and safety. Established in 1980, Calorique has a reputation for efficient, maintenance free and easy to install products.

A variety of applications are available for Roof De-Icing, Gutter and Downspout Heat, and Concrete Embedded Heat for concrete walkways, driveways, and passageways.

 55 Gallon Drum Spray Foam


Calorique’s Spray Foam Insulation Drum Warmers offer the most uniform distribution of heat available. This product was designed to meet the challenges of getting spray foam insulation to the perfect spraying temperature in a maximum of 24 hours. The maximum increase in 24 hours is 55° F allowing the applicator to pick up a cold drum and be ready to spray the next day at the exact desired temperature providing maximum yield.

Thermolar Tank Temperature Maintenence System


When a 55 gallon drum won’t hold all of the liquid you need, upgrade to the Calorique Thermolar Tank Warming System. Our Thermolar Tank Warming System is built and insulated on site and custom designed to the exact specifications of your tank and contents. Tanks up to 50,000+ gallons are warmed by Thermolar Tank Warming Systems at some of the largest manufacturing facilities around the world. Calorique also provides pre-made blanket systems for tanks and IBCs that are just as convenient to use as our Thermal Shield Drum Warmers!












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